Laura Heine Collage

Laura Heine Collage

In early August I traveled to Billings, Montana to become a Laura Heine certified instructor.  This retreat was an immersive experience, where I delved into the intricate world of Laura's collage process.  I also learned about selecting the right materials and mastering the distinct art of Laura Heine's collage.  I even had to take a test at the end to show that I had mastered the skills needed to teach the course, which I passed with flying colors! 

First of all, Laura and her team are magnificent. Their expertise and passion for collage are awe-inspiring, making the learning experience truly exceptional.  Laura was a fun person to learn from and her imagination and creativity are out of this world.

Second of all, collage is a completely addictive process.  It is a really fun and unique way to play with fabric that really allows your creativity to shine.

This is the super fun project that I worked on during the retreat.  If you look closely, you can see the blades are made up of many strips of fabric.  I absolutely loved working on this project.

Since then I have completely embraced collage.  It is just so much fun!  And it’s a perfect use for my scraps.  I’ve really dived into the Whatevers! Patterns which are small 8x8 collage blocks.  Here are a few that I’ve made recently.

Additionally, I've started making Laura’s "Teeny Tiny" collages. Here is my flamingo creation, assembled from one of Laura Heine's kits.

Having earned my certification as a Laura Heine instructor, I am now excited to share this captivating technique with the world. If you're aware of a group, guild, or shop that would be keen to explore this technique, please get in touch. I am truly excited and deeply committed to spreading the joy of collage to all who are eager to embark on this artistic journey with me. Let's collaborate and create vibrant fabric masterpieces together!

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