Wanderlust Quilt Society

Welcome to the Wanderlust Quilt Society!

wander (n.) a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

(Enjoying fondue in Switzerland)

Hi! I'm Lynn, your tour guide on this adventure. With my background as a librarian and a deep love for travel, I bring a unique blend of skills and passion to the Wanderlust Quilt Society. My experience in curating engaging and educational content ensures that each journey is both fun and informative. I've spent years fostering community and learning through books, and now I'm excited to apply these talents to our quilting adventures. My travels have given me a wealth of inspiration, which I can't wait to share through our quilt blocks, book selections, and creative projects. As your guide, I am committed to making each experience enriching and memorable.


(Strasbourg, France)

Membership Includes:


  • Monthly Blocks: One pieced block and one applique block each month, inspired by our travels.
  • ZOOM Lessons: Monthly technique lessons to enhance your skills.


  • Book Club: Monthly book suggestions reflecting our travel themes, plus children's book recommendations to involve your family.


  • Online Community: Connect with fellow members on Facebook.


  • Fun craft ideas
  • Delicious recipes

For our first adventure, we are going to travel the Rhine River from Amsterdam to Basel. Be inspired by this area rich with culture and history.

(Rhine River Castle)

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(Basel Tile Block - One of the blocks we will be making)