The Search for the Perfect Wool Fusible

The Search for the Perfect Wool Fusible

Finding the perfect fusible for wool applique can be a challenge, especially when your go-to product becomes scarce. My favorite has always been Soft Fuse, but since it's been hard to find lately, I set out to find a suitable replacement. The new fusible needed to adhere well to wool, be flexible, and easy to stitch through with a needle.

I decided to test three alternatives: Steam A Seam 2 Lite, WonderFuse, and FlexiFuse.

Steam A Seam 2 Lite: This fusible was quite stiff and made stitching difficult, often causing my needle to become sticky. I didn't use steam during my test, which might have improved the results, but overall, it wasn't the best option for my needs.

WonderFuse: This fusible performed better. It was relatively easy to stitch through, though it still had a slight stiffness to it. It was a decent option, but not quite perfect.

FlexiFuse: This fusible turned out to be ideal. It adhered the wool beautifully, was incredibly soft, and stitching through it felt effortless. I could hardly tell it was there.

After comparing these options, FlexiFuse has become my new fusible of choice for wool applique projects. It provides the perfect balance of adhesion and flexibility without compromising ease of stitching.

What is your favorite fusible?  Tell me in the comments!

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